Lights on Williamsburg

Sun - Thur 6pm to 10pm

Fri - Sat 6pm to 11pm

Tune radio to 107.1 FM to hear music. Speakers also play music for those walking by.

The display is made up mostly of RGB pixels which are color changing lights. Each light you see actually has 3 individual LEDs inside colored red, green, and blue. Varying the intensity of each of those LEDs separately allows for millions of colors to be visible. This is done fairly easily with specially made lighting controllers together with computer software. The computer generates information for the controller to interpret which then communicates with each individual pixel to tell it what intensity each of those LEDs need to be. This data is generated multiple times per second to allow for smooth transitions. The computer software has come a long way in making it easy to generate desired effects in a relatively short amount of time. I use xLights to sequence all the lights to music.

Display Information

Just over 5000 RGB pixels

A little over 2000 incandescent lights (Spiral Tree and bushes)

2 Falcon F16 controllers

2 Falcon Remote Receivers (1 for garage props and 1 for arches)

3 Raspberry Pi micro-computers (One master with audio and one for each F16 controller)

Soundblaster Play 3 USB sound card

Pyle Audio amplifier

Rangestar FS CZH-05B FM Transmitter


House Outlines



Pixel Tree


Incandescent Spiral Tree