Building a Mega Tree tree just takes planning. There are many Mega Tree calculators out there such as this one that I used: It's a good idea to start small before going to the bigger trees. I started with a 10ft tree, then went to a 12ft tree but with better components, and finally to a 20ft tree. I used the star and standard hook head from along with a few other parts listed below.

At the base is a 2" x 4" wood half-lapped X shaped which is also used to secure the two controllers to. On top of that is a steel flange that is secured to the base. Then the water pipe threads onto the flange. The hook head on top then screws on to the pipe and the star screws into the head. Along the pipe near the top is a guy anchor where 4 steel wire guy lines are attached. The guy lines are secured with 4 dog leash screw anchors in the ground.

So next I wanted to use the strobes to give a wow effect. I decided to run a wire from the bottom to the top along the pipe and then go out from the center towards each guy wire. I just divided up the pipe length based on how many strobes I had and spliced in a new wire at each mark. The wires go approx. halfway out from the pole to the guy wire. The strobes are then suspended using a simple string tied out to the guy wire.

After that is just attaching all the light strings. For that I used cable thimble's on each strand of lights with a zip tie to make sure the strings don't come off and to give some stress relief on the end plugs so they don't pull apart either. Then each color is bundled together for each channel and then placed on the hooks. I chose to use 12 channels with 3 colors except the multi-color lights are all linked together in 1 channel. I've also added white lights to the pole itself but was not able to get them running this year.


1 - 1 1/4" steel flange (Lowes)

2 - 10ft black iron 1 1/4" water pipe (Lowes)

1 - steel pole pin

1 - steel guy wire collar

1 - standard hook head

1 - 2' star with rope light

4 - 10ft 1/2" sch. 40 pvc pipe (Lowes)